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Vikas Aggarwal

Vikas is a Co-founder of We Founder Circle, he possesses an impressive wealth of industry experience in the Internet and E-commerce space, having dedicated 22 years to working with, India’s largest B2B marketplace. Throughout his tenure, he held multiple roles and played a significant part in the company’s journey, ultimately leading to a successful IPO. In his most recent position as the national sales head, he demonstrated exceptional leadership by managing a team of over 3,500 individuals across 200+ locations.

Recently, he embarked on an exciting new venture, taking a leap of faith to establish a tech-enabled community. This platform facilitates investor-startup interactions and fosters business generation through valuable community connections. Not only he is a co-founder of We Founder Circle, actively contributing to the creation of the ecosystem, but he is also an avid angel investor with 25 successful investments to his name.

Vikas’s educational background further enriches his expertise. He holds a B. Tech. degree from Nagpur University, complemented by an MBA from IIT Delhi and an Executive MBA from INSEAD. These academic accomplishments, combined with his extensive industry knowledge, equip Vikas with a unique blend of skills and insights to navigate the dynamic landscape of the Internet and E-commerce sectors.

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