EvolveX Portfolio Club

EvolveX Cohort 1

Cohort started from Jan 2022

All startups are 50% subscribed before the Demo Day

Collectively raised Rs 2.89 crores on demo day

Automation of parking process

Robots for Industrial & Commercial Use

Online learning marketplace

Online marketplace for luxury cars

Community of educators & learners

AI based early detection of ailment

EvolveX Cohort 2

Cohort started from Sept 2022

Sector Agnostic Startups

B2B Commerce Platform

Robots for Industrial & Commercial Use

EV Community & Social Commerce

VR AR based Edtech Company

B2B SAAS based solutions for Automotive Aftermarket

Deep-tech EV startup

Deep-tech EV startup

EvolveX Cohort 3

Cohort started from April 2023

Seasoned founding teams

India's 1st Unified Process Digitsation platform

Synchronising agriculture and technology

Power of the Himalayas

EV Charging Stations

Reproductive and sexual health care

AI powered marketing assistant

AI based early detection of ailment

EvolveX Cohort 4

Cohort started from Aug 2022

Seasoned founding teams

Pet Care

Helping buyers to choose ecofriendly products

One stop solution for all your vehicle needs

Reward-based gaming platform

Comprehensive Family Planning Solution

Developing sustainable products

Efficient Examination Platform

Enabling the universe to consume/serve food at will