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Neeraj Tyagi

Early rise can be a game changer in your hustle to create/build/chase a dream

Neeraj, an accomplished entrepreneur and angel investor, boasts a remarkable personal investment portfolio of 50+ startups. Currently serving as the co-founder and CEO of We Founder Circle, he leads one of the fastest-growing global communities of founders and strategic angels. Through We Founder Circle, he and his team provide crucial funding, business support, and networking opportunities to early-stage entrepreneurs.

Neeraj previously held the position of Managing Partner at Venture Catalysts, India’s leading angel investor network. Under his guidance, Venture Catalysts became recognized as the #7 top global early-stage investor by Crunchbase. Throughout his tenure, he successfully fundraised over $150M for more than 200 startups, showcasing his prowess in navigating the investment landscape.

Prior to his venture in angel investing, he embarked on an entrepreneurial journey in content production, catering to both startups and large enterprises such as Microsoft, Google, Network 18, Whirlpool, and others. His diverse experience has fueled his passion for working with entrepreneurs and remains open to collaborative opportunities.

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