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Deo Saurabh

Give it time, and what’ll remain is what you truly care about.

Saurabh is a co-founder of We Founder Circle, where he plays a role as the head of the investment management team. Prior to WFC, he had held the role of Manager at DXC Technology, where he gained valuable managerial experience and contributed to the organization’s success.

His expertise extends to the software engineering domain, having worked as a Software Engineer at Sun Life. His technical acumen and contributions were instrumental in developing innovative solutions within the organization.

Additionally, he has an experience as a System Engineer at Infosys, where he honed his skills in system engineering and made valuable contributions to various projects.

Committed to continuous learning and professional development, Saurabh has received certificates from esteemed institutions such as IIT Kharagpur and IIT Madras for completing various statistical courses. These certifications have enhanced his knowledge and expertise in statistical analysis, adding value to his work in the field.

In addition to his technical and entrepreneurial pursuits, he has also cleared the IF3 level in the Chartered Insurance Institute, demonstrating his proficiency and understanding of insurance principles and practices.

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